jQuery plugin for keeping user input. Restores values ​​in fields when page reloads. Uses `localStorage`.


A simple and lightweight jQuery plugin for generating and implementing captcha inside a form

jQuery Google Form Submission

A demonstration of a method to submit Google Forms using AJAX.

A form in slider form

jFormslider is a jquey plugin which you can implement a form in form of a slider

jQuery Password Peekaboo

Temporarily expose the contents of a password field, as popularized by Microsoft in Windows 8

pliantmask – Flexible field masking.

A flexible field masking plugin. Originally part of Pliant, but it’s now separate for easier use.

jQuery Ajax File Uploader

jQuery plugin for ajax file uploading with file progress

jQuery Bootstrap Form Builder

This is a tiny jQuery library which helps users create Bootstrap forms without the headache.

jQuery Visibly

A jQuery Plugin designed to easily show elements based on values of other elements.

jQuery J Tip

A jump-start for Form tooltips and messages using JQuery.