Glowspot background hover effect

Displays a glowing area in the background of the selected elements using an HTML5 canvas

jQuery Chat

100% pure javascript realtime chat (client and server) facebook/gmail style web chat.

WebDatabase (WebSQL) Plugin

The WebDatabase (WebSQL) Plugin is a HTML5 Client Side Database ORM for jQuery based on Hibernate.

jQuery offlineForm

Stores the forms in the localStorage when the browser is offline and synchronizes them when the browser is back online.

3D graphics for jQuery

jQuery plugin for creating 3D interactive graphics in X3DOM framework

jQuery Trid

3Dification for all your average HTML5 DOM elements. Live example:

Simple HTML5 Music Player

Implement a HTML5 audio player anywhere on a site simply by providing two audio format sources, customise appearance and style as much as you want. Currently no iOS support

Squiz Matrix Dependent Questions

Make a form question’s visibility dependent on some other question simply by adding `data-depends-on=”inputName=value”` to your wrapper HTML element. No other code required. Many thanks to Squiz for supporting the development of this plugin.

jQuery Walidate

A form validation plugin that works on every html form without changing anything in your existing markup.

jQuery SimpleChart

Small jQuery Plugin to display a Chart of Plotted Data