A jQuery plugin for responsive images. Part of the Formstone Library.

jQuery.h5form – HTML5 Forms Plugin

This plugin gives all browsers the HTML5 forms like the Opera. And this will also fix several bugs of the Internet Explorer on submit, and will allow you to use the button element. This has the large file size for multi-function. However, it binds only the features that are needed by the browser to the … Continue reading

Japan Map – clickable map of Japan

jQuery plugin for creating clickable canvas (as far) map of prefectures or areas of Japan.

jQuery Form Validation

jQuery plugin that provides a client site form validation with builtin options and deep customization.


Redraws the pages of the internet

Pusher Chat – Facebook-like chat jQuery plugin

Pusher Chat , is a Facebook like chat jQuery plugin using Pusher API, please visit http://pusher.com. Now you can get easily a chat application on your site.

plugin for the dependency problem

jQuery plugin for resolve of the dependency problem about client browser or/and client platform using userAgent string. This plugin provides the browser detection, browser version detectioin, browser rendering engine detection, platform detection.

jQuery History API

jQuery plugin: Change content div(s) with JavaScript – faster page load time!