Input search plugin for jQuery

jQuery editable select box

This plugin allows you to make a select box editable like a text box while keeping it’s select-option features

jQuery Style File Input

The Style File Input jQuery plugin provides a method for displaying a styled file input. It creates several extra elements in the DOM which, as can been seen in the demos, can be freely styled in almost any way.

jQuery makeEditable

A jQuery plugin to transform text span to specified HTML input element on click to provide elegent display and editing.

Jquery freeChars Plugin

Minimal plugin to show available chars on textarea’s. Also works as maxlength attribute polyfill.

jQuery CW Charcount Plugin

This script shows a visual counter next to the input field showing the number of characters remaining for the given field.


Parses multi line content for times and calculates a total time duration – all that in realtime (No pun intended).


jQuery plugin to add tab-completion & history on an input, like in a shell.

input indicator

Indicates the current cursor position on an Input field and how much text is occupying it. Easy to implement in any website without modifying the DOM at all

jQuery SaveYour Data

jQuery plugin to help save data, automatically.