jquery mobile default radio button

jQuery plugin to transform vertical radio buttons, in jQuery Mobile, in to horizontal radio buttons, keeping the default aspect.

jQuery MaskIt

jQuery plugin for masking input fields.


CashFormat jQuery plugin allows to replace standart text inputs to inputs for type money, like 0.00.

jQuery Toggle Password

A simply jQuery plugin to toggle the display of value on “ element between masked and plain characters.

jQuery datalist

Simple plugin to displays HTML5 datalists in a uniform way across browsers.

Numeric Input plug-in for jQuery

A simple jQuery plug-in which sets an (input) element to only allow numbers.

Radio Button

Radio button plugin allows you to customize the appearance of radio button elements.


A jQuery plugin that *quite literally* checks all the boxes; apply it to a checkbox to bulk check/uncheck groups of checkboxes.


jQuery Plugin to validate some basic types of data input

jQuery Codevro

jQuery Codevro deal with many types of code.