jQuery Dropdown Menu

jQuery Dropdown Menu with stunning visual effects and animations. Unlimited levels; Full cross-browser compatibility; Fully accessible even when javascript is turned off, as a pure css menu; Search engines optimized; Clear unordered list (LI and UL HTML tags) structure of jQuery menu; Easy to setup and update; Fantastic animation and transition effects; Multiple pre-desinded color … Continue reading


A jQuery plugin for matching dimensions. Part of the Formstone Library.

Tiny Circleslider

A lightweight cross browser circular carousel.


A jQuery plugin for simple content carousels. Part of the Formstone Library.


A jQuery plugin for cross browser range inputs. Part of the formstone library.


jQuery plugin for helping Web Designers easily add Responsive + Adaptive Features to their Web Sites. * User-friendly – Set up advanced responsive and adaptive features easily and intuitively. * Versatile – Easily detect and target multiple form factors and platforms. *Powerful – Numerous advanced features and combinations available.


The main purpose of this plugin is to use PHP functions as methods of jQuery.php()


Takes legacy inline JS (i.e. “onclick” and “href=’javascript:…'”) and creates event handler(s) to be run around the inlined code.

jQuery Bon Voyage

A plugin for form change detection with exit warning message.


A requestAnimationFrame polyfill and jQuery Animation shim. Part of the Formstone Library.