Highlight Navigation

jQuery plugin that enables both keyboard and mouse navigation and highlighting for items belonging to elements. For example, this plugin is good for highlighting table rows when you press the down key, as well as applying actions upon pressing the enter key (or any other key, configurable in the options) or clicking on a row.

jQuery Amharic Keyboard

jQuery plugin for typing amharic online support.


jQuery plugin that finds texts representing keyboard key names and applies a CSS styling to make them look like images of keys.

jQuery Chord

jQuery Chord is a plug-in library for jQuery 1.3+ that lets you detect and act upon key sequences, known as chords, entered by a user.

jQuery Micro

jQuery Micro is Pico/Nano like editor


This is a simple utility for determining which key triggered a jQuery event.

jQuery Popup Selecting

Plugin creates dialogs with selectable elements (elements in container will be selectable). Navigation is performed by using mouse and keyboard.