Responsive modal / dialog window for jQuery

Off Canvas Infinity Push Mobile Navigation

Off Canvas Infinity Push is a jQuery plugin that gives you the ability to make any desktop navigation into a mobile navigation.

jQuery Mobile tableview

Enhanced tables for jQuery Mobile, filter, multi-row headers, etc.

Tiny Carousel

A lightweight responsive infinite carousel.

dragend JS

a jQuery plugin for content swiping

jqScribble – A touch enabled canvas drawing tool

A small canvas drawing plugin. It lets you draw on a canvas, add an image to a canvas, and save your drawing as an image. A simple PHP file is included in the repo to demonstrate how you might save the image server side. It is touch enabled so you can draw using a finger … Continue reading

plugin for the dependency problem

jQuery plugin for resolve of the dependency problem about client browser or/and client platform using userAgent string. This plugin provides the browser detection, browser version detectioin, browser rendering engine detection, platform detection.

Unified mouse and mobile touch input events

Use this plugin to handle both keyboard-mouse and mobile touch motions with a unified set of events. It is currently being used in a commercial SPA and is featured in the book [Single page web applications – JavaScript end-to-end]( Supported motions for both desktop and touch devices include tap, long-press, drag, long-press-drag, and zoom. See … Continue reading

jQuery Fastbutton

An unobtrusive library that removes the 300ms delay from click-related actions in mobile websites. Provides zero-configuration defaults that work out-of-the-box on existing sites.