jQuery / Zepto plugin for maps. Adds a scrollable area to maps when map obscures the entire device screen, to allow users to reach the rest of the page content

Url menu spy

A simple jQuery (and Twitter Bootstrap by default) plugin to assign the selection items of the menu when url changes

jQuery Add to Home iOS Plugin

jQuery plugin to automatically show an ‘Add to Home’ message at the bottom of the page.

Editable Listview

A jQuery Mobile Listview Widget that supports insertion of new list items and removal of existing ones through an intuitive UI.


A lighterweight lightbox gallery module for modern desktop and mobile browsers.

jQuery Reactify

jQuery plugin that makes browser click events trigger immediately on iOS and Android..

WebryOne.js for jQuery

I can be easily implemented in the Web site of your UI, such as 3D-room Addressed to Responsive Design.

Tekslider a touch focused slider

A touch focused slider. With acceleration and easily configurable. Now it is in beta phase and any feedback will be welcome.


A tool discern browser (IE,Firefox,Chrome…etc) and device (PC,Android,iPhone…) user using.