notificationcenter – a jQuery OS X notification center plugin

notificationcenter is a jQuery version of the Apple OS X Notification Center. I’ve attempted to copy everything I can from the OS X verison in 10.9. Icons, colors, sounds, visuals, interactions, functions.

3D Drop In Notifier Panel

3D Notifier lets you broadcast important information to your visitors using a drop down panel that appears at the top of the page. It gently scrolls the page to the top before revealing the panel in a 3D fashion. The panel contents can either be defined inline on the page, or entirely inside an external … Continue reading

jQuery Growl

A Growl like notification plugin for jQuery originally written for jQuery 1.2 and updated for jQuery 1.10+. The latest version comes with a Bootstrap 3 example.

jQuery Toasty

jQuery plugin for showing highly customizable message toasts.


Dynamic popup windows, modals, dialogs, tooltips and notifications for web applications.


The notify plugin makes displaying notifications easy.

Web Notification Fallback

A jQuery plugin to gracefully degrade when using the new HTML5 web notification api.