jQuery Loading

Shows loading progress animation, flexible and pretty =)


A jQuery plugin that is a shuttle box ui.

jQuery Uptime Robot Monitor

This plugin allows you to show off the servers uptimes monitored by Uptime Robot (http://uptimerobot.com/)

simpleTooltip – tooltip which made with CSS & jQuery

simpleTooltip – a very simple tooltip based on CSS. You can use him as plugin for jQuery or without JavaScript at all. JS necessary in situations when tooltip contains a lot of text and/or have centered position.


A jQuery plugin that transforms your empty DIV into a dynamic, semi-circular value-meter. 2.6k minified. Works in Chrome35+, Firefox29+, IE9+.


Simpletooltip is a JQuery plugin, thought to insert short tooltips to any element of your website more easily


A jQuery plugin that add hint to input or textarea.

Sometimes Fixed Position

A jQuery plugin that adds turns any element into fixed position when the screen scrolls.


Takes legacy inline JS (i.e. “onclick” and “href=’javascript:…'”) and creates event handler(s) to be run around the inlined code.

jquery tunable radiobox

jQuery plugin for generating tunable checkboxes and radiobuttons.