jQuery Prettychecks Plugin

Replaces the default user agent checkboxes and radios for custom images.


Radio lets you get and set the current value of a group of radio buttons, filling a gap in jQuery’s $.val. It is not a replacement for radio buttons. It just makes working with them more pleasant.

Replace Radio/Checkbox Inputs

Replace RC Inputs lets you use CSS to style radio buttons and checkboxes.

jquery tunable radiobox

jQuery plugin for generating tunable checkboxes and radiobuttons.


An interface for html input, textarea, and select elements.

Radio Button

Radio button plugin allows you to customize the appearance of radio button elements.

jQuery Grab-Gets

jQuery plugin for grabbing GET parameters from url and put, select and check elements of selected form


A jQuery plugin to replace the default browser layout of html checkboxes and radio-buttons.

Yet Another CSS component library

Provides stylable alternatives for HTML components such as radio and checkbox (compatible down to IE8).

jQuery JUI Radiobuttons

Creates accessible radio buttons from HTML span elements. Supports tabindex, focus, check with space key and mouse click