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jQuery Tap

by Aaron Gloege

A jQuery plugin that creates a click alternative for touch enabled browsers. Click events on touch devices do not work the best. There is a 300ms delay from when you release your finger to the time the click event is triggered. This behavior is not desired. What is nice about this plugin, and what makes it different from other plugins, is that it takes advantage of jQuery's special event API, so you can use jQuery.on to bind events. And, because the event is bound through jQuery's on API, you can take advantage of namespaces and delegate events.


Version Date
1.1.2 Mar 14 2014
1.1.1 Feb 17 2014
1.1.0 Jan 24 2014
1.0.2 Oct 15 2013
1.0.1 Aug 20 2013
0.9.6 Jan 21 2013
0.9.5 Jan 21 2013
0.9.4 Jan 21 2013
0.9.3 Jan 21 2013