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SVGStyle – manipulate with styles of SVG inline like ‘data:image/svg+xml;base64’

by Vitalii Tereshchuk

Plugin to manipulate runtime with styles of SVG and it's magic. This is a simple way to manipulate with SVG-styles of 'inline' data like url(data:image/svg+xml;base64,...). You can use the dynamic change of style like $('#id').svgStyle('fill:#333') or $('.class').svgStyle('stroke: #b3b3b3; stroke-width: 5') or set it by default in tag data-svg-style='fill:#bbb'. And now you can set the color like data-svg-style='#xxx|#xxxxxx|rgb(x,x,x)'


Version Date
1.1.6 Aug 6 2013
1.1.5 Jul 9 2013
1.0.5 Jul 4 2013
1.0.4 Jul 3 2013
1.0.3 Jul 3 2013
1.0.2 Jul 3 2013