jQuery plug-in based on Google’s Doodle designed for the Christmas holidays on 2010.

jQuery F

jQuery F

jQuery Rotate

jQuery Rotate is simple plugin that add css rotate property and animation.

Image Rotator

Lightweight jQuery plugin that crossfades through a series of images.

jQuery Hex

jQuery plugin for hiding and showing elements with hexagons

jQuery cssQueue

A plugin to handle chain adding, removing css classes with transitions attached to them without worrying about timeouts or events!.

jQuery Selfheal

jQuery plugin for gentle animation of (list) elements being removed or added to the DOM. Inspired by the selfheal design pattern from Yahoo’s Design Pattern Library.

jQuery Animated Sort Plugin

jQuery plugin that animates the sorting of an html list using various options including the algorithm to be used.

jQuery NumAnimate

A jQuery plugin that gradually tweens one numeric value to another and displays it in the specified DOM element.

jQuery Radar

jQuery plugin providing a radar sweep animation. Publish X/Y coordinate points to the plugin for them to appear.