jQuery AlignColumn

jQuery plugin for aligning columns of a table on decimal or other character.


A plugin for creating easy to use collapsible menus of various types.

Blogvisa Slide

bvslide, a jQuery slider with several transition effects you can customize, including fade, jigsaw, blinds, stack and simple slides. You can also customize navigation through images using user-set previous and next buttons, and by allowing either dots, numbers or a filmstrip

jQuery Grow

A microtemplating plugin for jQuery.

jQuery Turtle

jQuery plugin for turtle graphics. Every element is a turtle that can rotate, move, animate, draw, play music, and test for collisions.


jQuery plug-in based on Google’s Doodle designed for the Christmas holidays on 2010.

jQuery F

jQuery F

jQuery Rotate

jQuery Rotate is simple plugin that add css rotate property and animation.

Image Rotator

Lightweight jQuery plugin that crossfades through a series of images.

jQuery Hex

jQuery plugin for hiding and showing elements with hexagons