jQuery Instagram

Select and show a list of Instagram photos.

jQuery Geo

An interactive mapping widget and geo-spatial API built on open source and open data (*NOT* a wrapper of other APIs, such as Google Maps)

Instagram Lite

A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin used to display a user’s Instagram photos.

jQuery Video Lightning

Turn any element into a lightbox or popover link for Youtube and Vimeo videos.

jQuery Brightcove Video

Helps you create custom dynamic solutions that work with the Brightcove Video platform.


JSON Call makes it easy to make an API request to a URL with JSON in BOTH directions. Say goodbye to the limitations of the query string format. Your nulls will stay null! Your numbers will remain numbers!

jQuery Twitterwall

A customizable twitterwall for jQuery.


A small jQuery plugin that fetches the current weather conditions for a specified location and displays them in a fully customisable widget.

jQuery Fenster

Lightweight Modal Framework with API

Video Controller

Offers an interface for controlling some of the popular video players and providers, so that you don’t have to deal with the particularities of each video API.