When you intend to use a button in your HTML use a button, not a div, span, or anchor. However, if you can’t use this plugin.

Radio Button

Radio button plugin allows you to customize the appearance of radio button elements.

jQuery Press and Hold Button

jQuery plugin for making a button the user has to hold down for a period of time. A good replacement for Are You Sure dialog boxes.

jQuery Slight Submenu

A jQuery plugin for automating nested menu management (expand/collapse) with high configurability and flexibility.

jQuery Scrolltop button

jQuery plugin that adds a fading ‘back to top’ button to a page

jquery mobile default radio button

jQuery plugin to transform vertical radio buttons, in jQuery Mobile, in to horizontal radio buttons, keeping the default aspect.


Automatically enable or disable a button, add loading messages, or swap classes – all without the verbose Javascript.


more.js is a small and simple jQuery plugin that makes having a button to fetch additional resources a breeze.

jQuery Fancylike

This jQuery plugin allows to create Facebook like buttons with custom graphics