An ultra-light jQuery plugin that tells you if the element is in the viewport, but with a twist.


Calculate the position of an element relative to another element or event. It has also functionality to handle collision within the viewport of a given container. It does not manipulate CSS or DOM, it only calculates values. It is a basic technology to support implementation of tooltips, popups, popovers, scrollspies, sticky navi and many more.

jQuery ScrollSpy

jQuery plugin for detecting enter/exit of elements in the viewport when the user scrolls

Qoopido Emerge

jQuery plugin to react on elements entering or nearing the visible area.

jQuery Viewport

Makes an element as a handy viewport for displaying content with absolute position.

jQuery Stage

jQuery Stage is a jQuery plugin for detecting information about the stage, the browser’s viewport.

Near Viewport

jQuery selector to find elements near the viewport.


Powerful programmable scrolling – scroll elements, DOM ranges or arbitrary points into configurable viewports


jQuery plugin to trigger a function when an element is displayed on screen.