Puts floats in single line.

jQuery lightSlider

JQuery lightSlider is a lightweight responsive Content slider with carousel thumbnails navigation


jQuery plugin for creating performant, touch-friendly carousels.

jQuery Slideshow

jQuery Slideshow is a performant and developer friendly image slideshow and content carousel plugin with support for touch gestures. 2KB when gzipped.

jQuery Excolo Slider

YAJQS – Yet another jQuery carousel. I was fed up with the good carousel plugins being commercial, so I decided to make a decent open-source variant. Installable as a NuGet package from the package feed.

jQuery Rondell

This is a plugin for displaying galeries and other content as carousel, thumbnail gallery, slider and much more!


jQuery plugin for creating responsive ‘cover flow’ style image carousels.

Tiny Carousel

A lightweight responsive infinite carousel.

Lemmon Slider

Lightweight carousel supporting variable slides/images widths.

Devrama Image/HTML Slider

‘Devrama Slider’ is a image slider with many features. ‘Responsive’, ‘CSS3 Transition Ready’, ‘Transition Effects’, ‘Progress Bar’, ‘HTML content inside a slide’, ‘Advanced Preload/Lazyload’, ‘Single Javascript file’, ‘CSS Customizable’, ‘User defined Navigation/Control available’ and ‘Pause on hover’. It support both images and HTML contents.