An intuitive, lightweight carousel solution. No coding required.

jQuery Open Carousel

A carousel that’s as easy to customize and configure without javascript as it is to hack for any specific use

Tiny Circleslider

A lightweight cross browser circular carousel.


Responsive and mobile enabled jQuery plugin to help create rotating content such as image carousel, slider or rotating testimonials from twitter


A jQuery plugin for simple content carousels. Part of the Formstone Library.


EasyCarousel Plugin is a very practical Carousel plug-ins written in jQuery. Used to show a set (list) content of transverse or longitudinal rolling. EasyCarousel complete function, browser compatibility, scalability. It can be used for any similar to the Carousel structure of the HTML code.


A jQuery plugin for making your UI handsome


Carousel / Slider Plugin that focuses on ease of use and performance. Very light weight with 0 DOM heavy lifting after initialization of the plugin.


Responsive slideshow / gallery / carousel

jQuery Carousel

Carousel is a jQuery plugin created to provide a scrolling gallery.