A simple, stunning, powerful jQuery gallery.

Iframe Resizer

Responsively keep same and cross domain iFrames sized to their content with support for window/content resizing, multiple and nested iFrames. (Works with IE8+)


Ajaxify your site out of the box, instantly.


A plugin for checking content against accessibility guidelines. It provides a flexible way to test for certain problems (say, images missing an alt text) and a collection of over 200 tests to get you started. Defining your own tests is easy, and you can pick-and-choose tests to focus on the needs of your own app.


Puts floats in single line.

jQuery Slideshow

jQuery Slideshow is a performant and developer friendly image slideshow and content carousel plugin with support for touch gestures. 2KB when gzipped.

Lemmon Slider

Lightweight carousel supporting variable slides/images widths.

jQuery ScrollAppear

jQuery ScrollAppear is a powerful and agile content appear on scroll (or on other event triggers) plugin for jQuery.

jQuery History API

jQuery plugin: Change content div(s) with JavaScript – faster page load time!

jQuery Rambling Slider

A CoffeeScript improved modified version of the jQuery Nivo Slider by Gilbert Pellegrom, which is ‘The Most Awesome jQuery Image Slider’. It includes some new options and methods to give the slider the ability to adapt different image sizes, flash support and transition extensions.