jQuery RS Modal

jQuery RS Modal is a tried and tested modal plugin with a full but simple API.

Stackbox Modal Dialog

jQuery plugin for creating stackable modal boxes.

Load Modal

A JQuery plugin to open a Bootstrap modal (dialog) with content loaded via Ajax.

wHumanMsg jQuery Plugin

A jQuery humanized message plugin is a way to neatly overlay alerts and message for users using your app. You can position your messages on any part of the screen and they will neatly fade in and out with any color and time delay you like.

jQuery MsgBox

The Message box for web, Firefox style, User notification made simple.

jQuery UI Lookup Dialog

A lookup dialog widget based on the dialog and autocomplete widgets from jQuery UI.

jQuery Hex Colorpicker

A simple plugin for visual selection of colors via a discrete hexagonal color picker using hsl or hsv mapping.

jQuery MultiDialog

MultiDialog utilizes jQuery UI Dialog Widget for a full featured Modalbox / Lightbox application.


jQuery UI widget for displaying a feedback dialog on your site.