jQuery DAlert

jQuery plugin for simple dialog messages/alerts.


Simone is JavaScript window manager consisting of two widgets: taskbar and window, providing a desktop-like experience. It’s especially useful for single-page applications. It’s built on top of the jQuery and jQuery UI.


A simple, lightweight jQuery modal plugin that’s highly configurable, easy-to-use & implement. Includes multiple implementation options like timed, automatic, sticky modals and more! It has the ability to show modals only once per user using HTML5 web storage or jQuery.cookie as a fallback.


A lighterweight lightbox gallery module for modern desktop and mobile browsers.

jQuery Confirm

jQuery plugin in order to replace the confirm() javascript method with jquery-ui dialog.

jQuery simpleWindows

jQuery plugin – windows in your browser.

jQuery Popup Selecting

Plugin creates dialogs with selectable elements (elements in container will be selectable). Navigation is performed by using mouse and keyboard.


A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin for showing modal less overlays.