jQuery Eventually

A more powerful event system, with automatic creation of before and after event states.

jQuery Near-Far

jQuery extension to track elements bound to a given event.

Zabuto Calendar

jQuery plugin for Bootstrap to add a month calendar to your page.

jQuery DOMTimers – Deferred callbacks when DOM loads and renders.

Adds two functions to the jQuery library: $.DOMReady() – Returns a Deferred that resolves when the DOM is ready. $.DOMRendered() – Returns a Deferred that resolves when the DOM has finished rendering the HTML.

jQuery TextEntered Event

This plugin causes text fields and textareas to fire a jQuery event, textentered, when a user pauses after entering text

jQuery state

Manipulation with “states” of DOM elements

jQuery Pointer and Touch Events

Lift touch and pointer event properties to the jQuery event object

Final Fire

Have you ever needed to execute some code after a number of asynchronous events or operations occur? Final Fire is a light-weight reusable plugin that helps you keep track of asynchronous events using a pub/sub methodology.