jQuery ajaxStartDelay

jQuery plugin providing a delay to be set before the handler is called in jQuery’s .ajaxStart()

jQuery Pager

An event-driven pagination plugin for jQuery and you.

jQuery ClickTrap

jQuery plugin for handling Click Trapping. This plugin allows you to mimic the blur() event on a set of nodes. Useful for complex controls with internal events that need to be reset when clicked outside of the combined area.

jQuery ezy

jQuery plugin which turns your site into an event driven playground!


This library is a wrapper for touch events. It simulates mouse events.

jQuery ResizeEnd

A tiny plugin to handle events after a (window) resize has been completed.

domajax.com – use Ajax without JavaScript

Domajax is a free jQuery plugin that give you tools to add ajax calls within your application, without a piece of javascript. It uses HTML5’s data- attribute, and jQuery’s .on() method to handle your ajax interactions.

jQuery jBinder

jQuery plugin to facilitate unobtrusive JavaScript event binding using HTML5 data attributes.

jQuery Layers

Apply layers of functionality to a given element.

jQuery e-Calendar

jQuery plugin for create a calendar with events.