jQuery Near-Far

jQuery extension to track elements bound to a given event.

jQuery Eventually

A more powerful event system, with automatic creation of before and after event states.

Zabuto Calendar

jQuery plugin for Bootstrap to add a month calendar to your page.

jQuery DOMTimers – Deferred callbacks when DOM loads and renders.

Adds two functions to the jQuery library: $.DOMReady() – Returns a Deferred that resolves when the DOM is ready. $.DOMRendered() – Returns a Deferred that resolves when the DOM has finished rendering the HTML.

jQuery TextEntered Event

This plugin causes text fields and textareas to fire a jQuery event, textentered, when a user pauses after entering text

jQuery state

Manipulation with “states” of DOM elements

Final Fire

Have you ever needed to execute some code after a number of asynchronous events or operations occur? Final Fire is a light-weight reusable plugin that helps you keep track of asynchronous events using a pub/sub methodology.