jQuery plugin for keeping user input. Restores values ​​in fields when page reloads. Uses `localStorage`.


fancyplaceholder allows text box placeholders to be retained after there is text in the field.

Numeric Input plug-in for jQuery

A simple jQuery plug-in which sets an (input) element to only allow numbers.

jQuery Visibly

A jQuery Plugin designed to easily show elements based on values of other elements.

jQuery Pane

A jQuery UI widget which allows you to present entry points (or windows) into your data that can be served up from a server action or from static HTML (similar to a portlet in portal technology). Backed by jQuery’s AJAX libraries, each pane acts independently from other panes — achieving a clear separation of concerns … Continue reading

jQuery aboutWhen

jQuery plugin for accepting partial or approximate dates, for cases where users have incomplete information that you want to capture.

jQuery Toggle Password

A simply jQuery plugin to toggle the display of value on “ element between masked and plain characters.


jQuery plugin that change the background and the opacity of an input field creating a nice effect

jQuery feedBackBox

A small feedback box realized as jQuery Plugin.

Radio Button

Radio button plugin allows you to customize the appearance of radio button elements.