Save As You Type

This jQuery plugin autosaves (To a cookie) as you type, and autorecovers, form data. Auto saving will save as data is entered or changed. You have the ability to disable autosaving and auto recovering, and instead use manual calls for each. You can also manually call an erase cookie feature, and manually call to see … Continue reading


A jQuery plugin for automatic webstorage.


A jQuery plugin to use the numpad plus key (configurable) as a tab key equivalent.

jQuery Custom Forms

A plugin to generate accessible custom forms: select, radio, checkbox.

Fancy fields

Jquery plugin for custom form elements

wChar Character Counter Plugin

A jQuery plugin for textarea, text and password inputs to add a character counter bubble that fades in while you type and fades out when you stop typing.


A jQuery plugin to emulate tabbing between elements on a page.

A form in slider form

jFormslider is a jquey plugin which you can implement a form in form of a slider


Prompts before leaving a page with modified or dirty form data.