jQuery Deserialize

Convert query strings into objects. And deserialize forms easily.


Prompts before leaving a page with modified or dirty form data.


TieJS makes it easy to create forms via JSON and bind objects to its form fields. Furthermore it has HTML5 validation functionalities.

wCheck jQuery Radio and Checkbox Input Plugin

A jQuery plugin for fully customizable `checkbox` and `radio` input options. The plugin uses images for background themes and selectors to allow for compatability with more browsers. Applying this plugin will not effect any existing functionality on your radio and checkbox inputs and you should still be able to fire any existing events already created … Continue reading


A jQuery plugin to exempt selected form fields from the forward tab order.


A barebones jQuery validation plugin.

Dependent Questions

Make a form question’s visibility dependent on some other question simply by adding `data-depends-on=”inputName=value”` to your wrapper HTML element. No other code required. Many thanks to Squiz for supporting the development of this plugin.

customSocial Buttons Creator

This is a tiny jQuery library which helps create some social buttons in a snap.


JQuery plugin for checked and disabled checkboxes.

jQuery Simple Validation

A simple jquery validation plugin for validating form that fit your application easily.