Multi Step Form

Mutli step form with automatic partly form POST with progress.


jquery.capsChecker is a jQuery plugin to check whether caps lock is turned on. It is the only plugin of its kind, which can recognize caps lock on numbers. That’s important for users with standard German keyboard layout.

Squiz Matrix Dependent Questions

Make a form question’s visibility dependent on some other question simply by adding `data-depends-on=”inputName=value”` to your wrapper HTML element. No other code required. Many thanks to Squiz for supporting the development of this plugin.


Automatically saves all form fields into cookies, and then autofills those values on any form that shares element IDs across your site.

jQuery Query Parameter Parser

jQuery plugin for adding query parameter parsing functions.

Find By Name

Find By Name provides a less bug-prone way to find elements by their name attribute. In particular, when the name attribute is stored in a variable it is very bug-prone to write a selector for it by hand every time.

jQuery Saveform

Saves automatically all entered form fields.

jQuery ToolTip

A jump-start for Form tooltips and messages using JQuery.


A simple and lightweight jQuery plugin for generating and implementing captcha inside a form


A jQuery plugin for textarea, password and text inputs that handles common issues such as placeholders for unsupported browsers (including password fields), styling and labels.