jQuery GridManager

A way of building rows and grids with built in editable regions; requires jQuery, jQueryUI, Bootstrap 3.x, TinyMCE or CKEditor

On-Off Toggle Switches

Interactive, accessible toggle switches for the web

Animate CSS jQuery Plugin

A jQuery plugin to dynamically apply animate.css animations with callbacks


Reveal your text with a delightful letter by letter animation. Inspired by the app Secret.

jQuery Classes

A jQuery plugin to easily add, remove and toggle classes at once

jQuery Clone Event

Copy events from an element to another

jQuery Pointer and Touch Events

Lift touch and pointer event properties to the jQuery event object


A small widget for visualizing text reuse on two texts.

Logitech R800 Presenter keys made easy

A super-simple jQuery plugin that provides callbacks for all four action keys on the sweet Logitech R800 Presenter.


Slideshow markup generator for using a SharePoint list as a backend.