jQuery GridManager

A way of building rows and grids with built in editable regions; requires jQuery, jQueryUI, Bootstrap 3.x, TinyMCE or CKEditor

On-Off Toggle Switches

Interactive, accessible toggle switches for the web

Animate CSS jQuery Plugin

A jQuery plugin to dynamically apply animate.css animations with callbacks


Reveal your text with a delightful letter by letter animation. Inspired by the app Secret.

jQuery Classes

A jQuery plugin to easily add, remove and toggle classes at once

jQuery Clone Event

Copy events from an element to another

Logitech R800 Presenter keys made easy

A super-simple jQuery plugin that provides callbacks for all four action keys on the sweet Logitech R800 Presenter.


Slideshow markup generator for using a SharePoint list as a backend.

Custom HTML File Input

A better HTML input for files, allowing custom styling and initial values.