jQuery Img Alt Appender

jQuery plugin to show alt attribute in img elements by inserting text after the img.

jQuery CSS Alias

A jQuery Plugin to aliasify your CSS properties.

DeYavuz Rechtsklick 1.0.2

Mit DeYavuz Rechtsklick k├Ânnen Sie bestimmen, was ein User tuen kann, wenn er auf die rechte Maustaste klickt! Fix CSS

Image gallery plugin

Image gallery jquery plugin with drag and drop


A plugin jQuery for measure password force very cool! ;-).

jQuery Lightbox plugin – Mobile Template

jQuery plugin for Lightbox. Mobile Style DEMO. Create a powerful blog with image gallery which not only looks awesome but also helps the readers to get better understanding of the information in the blog.

jQuery autofill

jQuery plugin for autofilling text input fields from another text input fields.


A jQuery plugin for adding a caption to any DOM element, packed with a massive amount of options so it can be adjusted to everyone’s needs.

jQuery Scrollable Sticky

A jQuery plugin which enables fixed positioned elements, that are higher than the viewport, to be scrolled.

GitHub Mini-Profile

A mini profile card for your GitHub account.