jQuery Case Change

jQuery plugin to change case of a given text with different options.


Easily create tables with select-able rows, and operations that can be performed on the selected rows.

CSS3 jQuery Slider

Nice image slider created completely with CSS core. It’s amazingly fast, lightweight, fluid, and retina-ready. Works on each modern devices and browsers. Smooth Fade, Slick Zoom, KenBurns pan/zoom, Simple Slide effects and a set of flat designs are included.


Normalize the Page Visibility API between browsers so that the unprefixed properties and event is available. In browsers that don’t support it, provide a “good enough” polyfill.

Multiple image lightbox – Droid Template

jQuery Image lightbox multiple. Droid Style DEMO. Image lightbox will work great on your website and attract more and more clients.

jQuery Numerator

A jQuery plugin to easily animate numbers.

jQuery Even If Hidden

Get information about hidden DOM elements

jQuery scrambleText

jQuery plug-in that scrambles a given text randomly but keeps it surprisingly readable

3D graphics for jQuery

jQuery plugin for creating 3D interactive graphics in X3DOM framework