jQuery Bootstrap Form Builder

This is a tiny jQuery library which helps users create Bootstrap forms without the headache.

Lightbox HTML Generator – Noble Template

Generator for HTML Image Lightbox. Noble Style DEMO. LightBox generator uses simple drag-n-drop methods and allows you to create your picture gallery in few clicks.


CashFormat jQuery plugin allows to replace standart text inputs to inputs for type money, like 0.00.


Attach a random background image to an element from a user supplied list on page load.

jQuery Flexloader

Lazyload Flexslider slides, optionally using Picturefill


jListQuery is a jQuery plugin that provides a fluent interface to query JSON/JavaScript lists/arrays in memory.


Minimalistic and efficient draggable plugin for jQuery.

Expandable List

A jQuery plugin that helps to create expandable lists out of html list elements.

jQuery Args

One of the most interesting features of this plugin, is the one that allows us to define optional arguments.