Tikslus Dialog modal popup dialogs. Shown any html content in popup

Tiklsus dialog is a jquery plugin which can show any HTML content(plain text,tables,videos,pictures) inside a popup box. It also support alert,confirmation and prompt dialog creation. you can animate tikslus dialog with different transition effects. you can also create dialogs with custom buttons.

Jquery DateSelect Plugin

You can easily use this plugin to the choose date.

jQuery Simple Loader

Small plugin for create animated loader over target element.

jQuery Trid

3Dification for all your average HTML5 DOM elements. Live example: http://curvedinfinity.com/jquery.trid/example.html

jQuery Mobile filter widget

Generic filter widget for jQuery Mobile, based on listview filter extension.

Toggle Switch – jQuery Toggle Button

Toggle Switcg is a lightweight jQuery plugin which creates tiny and easy to use toggle buttons.

jQuery Simple Magicline

Makes your navigation with magicline

jQuery Popup Selecting

Plugin creates dialogs with selectable elements (elements in container will be selectable). Navigation is performed by using mouse and keyboard.


A jQuery plugin to assist in creating dynamic workflow webpages.

Flight of Phrase

A typanamation plugin that sends words flying accross your website.