jQuery plugin for blogs / articles. Adds a read after link to related article links and accumulates them at the bottom of the current article

Tikslus box.Jquery Lightbox with 8 skins

This is a jQuery-powered modal windowing system.It can be used to show content inside a nice floating popup frame above the rest of the page.Here are some key features of Tikslusbox:8 skins,3 transition effects,Smooth animations,Page dimming overlay.Support for:Images,Image galleries,SWF files,YouTube videos,MySpace videos,Vimeo videos,Metacafe videos,WMV movie,Quicktime movies,Inline HTML content,iframe

jQuery Focused

Simplify pages by focusing in on relevant items, based on values of elements (e.g. select, input, textarea).

Jquery DateSelect Plugin

You can easily use this plugin to the choose date.


A lighterweight lightbox gallery module for modern desktop and mobile browsers.

Simple viewport plugin

jQuery plugin that provides viewport/porthole

Tag Handler NG

Tag Handler is a jQuery plugin used for managing tag-type metadata. This plugin is a fork and rewrite of Mark Jubenville original Tag-Handler.

jQuery Clonebox

Simple solution for cloning input boxes, with convenient ‘add/remove buttons

jQuery Inline CSS Styler

A jQuery plugin that converts CSS styles into inline styles

jQuery J Tip

A jump-start for Form tooltips and messages using JQuery.