A dead simple jQuery plugin for automatically creating anchored headings in your HTML documents.

iOS App Switcher

Deeplink all your social profiles to native iOS apps

jQuery A+

jQuery A+ is an unobtrusive script that adds useful features to A tag allowing webpages to maintain compatibility with HTML standards. The script syntax is compatible with all HTML / XHTML standards. For example, you can open link in a new window/tab (like target=_blank) without invalidating the HTML code.

jQuery urlToLink Plugin

A jQuery plugin that transforms URLs in text into HTML elements.

jQuery copyright

A jQuery plugin to automatically append reference and copyright text to any content the user is copy & pasting away from your site.

jQuery Foobar

Display a custom bar on the fly

jQuery addTargetBlank Plugin

This plugin is used to add target=’_blank’ attribute to externals link on the page.


Link any exsisting strings to any given URLs.


Launch native apps from web page links for mobile and desktop devices


jQuery plugin to create single-page websites with an auto-resizer for images and section.