Glowspot background hover effect

Displays a glowing area in the background of the selected elements using an HTML5 canvas


jQuery plugin for pairing element attributes together so that changing one changes the other.

Speech Bubbles Tooltip

Speech Bubbles Tooltip lets you add tooltips to links using either the value of the link’s title attribute, or rich HTML defined all inside a single HTML file and fetched using Ajax instead. The style of the tooltip is modelled after the iconic speech bubble and uses NO images, thanks to the CSS triangle technique.

jQuery Anchoring

jQuery Plugin to automatically add anchors to elements to make them linkable.


jQuery plugin to mark elements that have been focused on.

Accordion Menu

Simple vertical css menu which works like accordion. Full support of multiple sub menus and active link recognition to open the associated sub menu

Link Classifier

Adding classes to links based on their URLs.


A jQuery plugin to make <a> tag link to more than one url