Field Chooser

Drag and drop items between two lists, with multi-select and keyboard shortcuts


jQuery-plugin for making any list of items selectable by mouse and keyboard.


A jQuery plugin that adds meta list items to master list items on hover.

Deep Checkbox

A lightweight jQuery plugin for building complex nested checkbox trees, complete with its own set of child-parent inheritance logic.


Makes it possible to use arrow keys (or any key) for navigation in eg. ul or table elements. See the demo for more information.

superlightweight autosuggest / autocomplete plugin

A super-lightweight autocomplete / autosuggest plugin with a simple but powerful API. Leverages the HTML5 datalist element to build a lightweight autosuggest solution. Can use webshim to polyfill old browsers or enhance modern ones.

jQuery Fluid Content Scroller

jQuery Fluid Сontent Scroller Plugin makes navigation through long item lists like news, events, blog posts, etc. smooth and easy. Plugin is represented with the tabbed navigation panel at the top and at the bottom of the page / list container allowing to instantly scroll up and down to a particular post on the list.


Create a multi=line lists.


A JQuery UI List to List widget