Create a multi=line lists.


A JQuery UI List to List widget

Dropdown List Plugin

$.dropdown creates dropdown lists separated by group. As with popup, only one dropdown of each group can be shown at one time. As the entries do not need to be rendered at start, large tables should render quicker than if is used.

jQuery Listarea

jQuery plugin for turning a textarea into a structured list of items.

Filterable Pagination

$.fn.paginate plugin is a lightweight jQuery plugin that allows you to perform pagination on any list or table. It also allows setting which entries to skip or to show.

List Filter Plugin

$.fn.listFilter plugin is a lightweight jQuery plugin that filters through a set of elements.

List Item Selector Plugin

This is a jQuery plug-in for list items selector.There would be list on the left hand side, you can select and move the items you want to the right hand side.


Easiest way to do browsable lists with keyboard

jQuery xFilterList

A simple jQuery grid list plugin for easy filter and sorting.

jQuery List Sorter

jQuery plugin for sorting lists which behave like tables