jQuery Listarea

jQuery plugin for turning a textarea into a structured list of items.


Multi-sort, multi-filter and generate groups for an html list.

jQuery Expandable Ajax List

jQuery list that is expanding on getting responses by ajax requests. It updates only new appears or disapears list items according to the refresh ajax request.


Create a multi=line lists.

jQuery Fade List

jQuery plugin for fade in/out items in a unsorted list.


A very lightweight plugin to create treeview from HTML list

Category Tabs

Adds a tabbed interface to long lists with items falling into various categories

CPAN Distributions List

Display a list of CPAN distributions and related information for a specified Perl author.

Simple plugin for sorting lists

$.listSort is a lightweight plugin that allows you to sort any list (with header) or table. It tries to determine if the element’s value is a date (if Datejs is loaded), numeric, or a string.