Dropdown List Plugin

$.dropdown creates dropdown lists separated by group. As with popup, only one dropdown of each group can be shown at one time. As the entries do not need to be rendered at start, large tables should render quicker than if is used.

jQuery Listarea

jQuery plugin for turning a textarea into a structured list of items.


Multi-sort, multi-filter and generate groups for an html list.

jQuery Expandable Ajax List

jQuery list that is expanding on getting responses by ajax requests. It updates only new appears or disapears list items according to the refresh ajax request.


Easiest way to do browsable lists with keyboard

jQuery xFilterList

A simple jQuery grid list plugin for easy filter and sorting.

jQuery List Sorter

jQuery plugin for sorting lists which behave like tables

jQuery centerFloatedList Plugin

CenterFloatedList is a jQuery plugin that centers a list with floated items, as a picture gallery.

Tree List Filter

Simple jQuery plugin support filtering on hirerarchy tree created by unordered list or ordered list.


jQuery plugin to create list with animation.