Kanye Ipsum

A jQuery plugin for generating placeholder text from Kanye West quotes.

Audero Unified Placeholders

Audero Unified Placeholders is a very lightweight cross-browser jQuery plugin to emulate the HTML5 placeholder attribute on browsers that don’t support it. This placeholder polyfill emulates perfectly the native behavior hiding the placeholders’ text on the first input of the user and not on focus. In addition, it allows you to style the placeholders’ texts … Continue reading

HTML5 Placeholders

Provides a plugin to simplify working with HTML labels and HTML5 placeholders in form input tags. This plugin aims to simplify development of forms in which you want display input tags with HTML5 placeholders instead of label tags on clients that support HTML5 but fall back to label tags when the placeholder attribute isn’t supported. … Continue reading


jQuery plugin for bridging the gap between html5 placeholder capable browsers and older browsers.

jQuery HTML5 Form

jQuery HTML5 Form Plugin

jQuery Placeholder

A polyfill for the placeholder attribute, that also patches $.fn.val properly.

jQuery Emulate Placeholder

jQuery plugin that reproduces the placeholder behavior in browsers that didn’t support it before.

jQuery place holder

cross browser place holder plugin for jquery.