A jQuery plugin that add hint to input or textarea.

Sometimes Fixed Position

A jQuery plugin that adds turns any element into fixed position when the screen scrolls.


Takes legacy inline JS (i.e. “onclick” and “href=’javascript:…'”) and creates event handler(s) to be run around the inlined code.


exemplo de uma estrutura básica de um plugin jQuery

jQuery stickUp

A jQuery plugin which makes it easy to create a sticky element or navbar. Has anchor features for one-pagers, as well as more.

notificationcenter – a jQuery OS X notification center plugin

notificationcenter is a jQuery version of the Apple OS X Notification Center. I’ve attempted to copy everything I can from the OS X verison in 10.9. Icons, colors, sounds, visuals, interactions, functions.


A jQuery plugin that adds delight to highlighting elements on a page

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A jQuery plugin that shows and hides content with a click event.

Visual Lightbox JS – Native Template

Visual Image Lightbox with JS and CSS. Native Style DEMO. If you want to add more life to your website or blog, one of the best ways is by inserting a Visual Lightbox JS.