jQuery UI Resizable

Enables resize functionality for any element.


A jQuery Plugin to resize images to fit in a container.

jQuery TextFill

Resizes text to fit into container.

jQuery Splitter

jQuery Splitter is plugin that split your content with movable splitter between them.

Image Resize

A super light jQuery plugin (less than 0.5KB) to dynamically resize the images without distorting the proportions or adding any extra HTML.


Automatically grow and shrink textareas with the content as you type.

jQuery canvasResize

jQuery plugin for client side image resizing. (HTML5 Canvas)

Image Scale

Scale images to fit or fill any target container via two simple properties: scale and align.


Equalize column heights across multiple rows, on page resize. It can also be based on a minimum or maximum set height.


jQuery plugin that fits and centers elements within their containers.