Smart Checkbox

The purpose of this plugin is to create groups of ‘smart’ checkboxes with parent and children checkboxes that will select and deselect as appropriate.

Div Swapping Banner

jQuery plugin for having a row of images and some div blocks that appear depending on which image is selected. It can be set to auto scroll through each image. All CSS is handled by the plugin.

jQuery Bulk Select

jQuery Plugin for making child elements selectable supports Ctrl+Click, Command+Click and Shift+Click.


jQuery plugin to handle selecting ranges of checkboxes via Shift+Click (and more)


a ‘text-expander’ for elements — maintain clean, semantic markup on HTML forms


A combobox plugin

jQuery prettyselect

A lightweight jQuery plugin to prettify your select elements without replacing their default behaviour.

jQuery SumoSelect

SumoSelect is a jquery plugin which beautifully renders a single or multiple HTML select element. it can be used for any device e.g for a android device the select will open the default android select popup and vice versa for other devices, and also if it fails to identify the device then it works according … Continue reading

jQuery 2D Slider and Range

jQuery plugin select range or single value from period or 2d board. Support touch devices