jQuery Selectify

The Selectify plugin turns the select element into a stylable and customizable element.


Given a group of select fields with the same options, SelectUnique will remove an option from the other fields when it’s selected, and put it back when it’s changed.

jQuery 2D Slider and Range

jQuery plugin select range or single value from period or 2d board

jQuery Popup Selecting

Plugin creates dialogs with selectable elements (elements in container will be selectable). Navigation is performed by using mouse and keyboard.


Easy way to have multiple parent-child select objects.

jQuery SuperSelect

jQuery plugin for custom styling of select elements.


Selectimus jQuery plugin allows to replace standart selects in each browser by identical ones.

Cropsy – Image cropper through a moveable viewport

cropsy is a jQuery plugin for creating a draggable and zoomable cropper window around an attached image, similar to Twitter’s profile image selector. Its name comes from the Staten Island urban legend of Cropsey. Coder beware.

jQuery cursor

jQuery plugin to manipulating cursor inside text and textarea fields