SudoSlider – Content slider

SudoSlider is a jQuery slider that supports any content, has effects you’ve only seen in image-sliders is responsive and much more. The script doesn’t force any style on your page, and you can make your navigation buttons however you like. Just see some of the demos included in the download to get an idea of … Continue reading

dragend JS

a jQuery plugin for content swiping

Lemmon Slider

Lightweight carousel supporting variable slides/images widths.


jquery plugin to create a slider using a list of radio buttons

jQuery Panel Slider

Side panel slider plugin that also slides page (inspired on medium)

jQuery Unobtrusive Background Image Switcher

jQuery plugin that makes it possible to use many heavier images as full screen background slider or image slider, while minimizing their influence on load times.

Devrama Image/HTML Slider

‘Devrama Slider’ is a image slider with many features. ‘Responsive’, ‘CSS3 Transition Ready’, ‘Transition Effects’, ‘Progress Bar’, ‘HTML content inside a slide’, ‘Advanced Preload/Lazyload’, ‘Single Javascript file’, ‘CSS Customizable’, ‘User defined Navigation/Control available’ and ‘Pause on hover’. It support both images and HTML contents.


A highly customizable slider which allows you to slide any kind of content such as HTML, images or YouTube clips.


An intuitive, lightweight carousel solution. No coding required.

jQuery Open Carousel

A carousel that’s as easy to customize and configure without javascript as it is to hack for any specific use