jQuery plugin that adds a CSS class to selected elements when they have been scrolled into the viewport for the first time.

Near Viewport

jQuery selector to find elements near the viewport.

Simple viewport plguin

jQuery plugin for provide viewport window


A jQuery plugin to watch when elements scroll into view.

Simple viewport plugin

jQuery plugin that provides viewport/porthole


A jQuery plugin to react when elements scroll into view.

Cropsy – Image cropper through a moveable viewport

cropsy is a jQuery plugin for creating a draggable and zoomable cropper window around an attached image, similar to Twitter’s profile image selector. Its name comes from the Staten Island urban legend of Cropsey. Coder beware.

jQuery onAppear

Triggers an appear event, indicating an element is now within the window or any scrollable element’s viewport.

jQuery .inSight()

Determine whether any of the matched elements are located within the browser’s viewport.


On-scroll detecting whether the element entered or left the viewport.