Allow users to crop images within an area (fully responsive). Supports dragging (touch support), zoom and rotation.


Create thumbnails from images proportionally. This is also a replacement for CSS3’s background-size in older browsers in IE6, IE7 and IE8.

jQuery mb.zoomify

This plugin let you explore any oversize images applying a zoom feature.

Unified mouse and mobile touch input events

Use this plugin to handle both keyboard-mouse and mobile touch motions with a unified set of events. It is currently being used in a commercial SPA and is featured in the book [Single page web applications – JavaScript end-to-end]( Supported motions for both desktop and touch devices include tap, long-press, drag, long-press-drag, and zoom. See … Continue reading

jQuery imgNotes

Extension of the jQuery imgViewer plugin to add markers and notes to the image.

jQuery imgViewer

jQuery plugin to zoom and pan images, even those with a size that is a percentage of their container.

jQuery Panelize

A jquery plugin that allows a user to navigate an image by using an HTML image map.

Leroy Zoom

A lightweigth and easy to use image zoom and magnify jQuery plugin with less than 4 KB.