Ion Zoom

Easy image lightbox jQuery plugin for small galleries. Allow to zoom images at place.

skdzoom – stylish image zoomer

SKDZoom is a Jquery stylish CSS3 image zoomer with rounded box and Lens zoom support. Easily customizable color and other options.

jquery Scale

a jQuery plugin that will GET / CALCULATE (including inherited scaling from parent Nodes) / SET the css-scale factor (via transform: matrix) of dom-elements

Web video gallery – Facebook Template

Video LightBox – Facebook Template – Just a couple of clicks to get the your video added to the Web!

Cropsy – Image cropper through a moveable viewport

cropsy is a jQuery plugin for creating a draggable and zoomable cropper window around an attached image, similar to Twitter’s profile image selector. Its name comes from the Staten Island urban legend of Cropsey. Coder beware.

Tikslus Zoom Image zoom plugin

Jquery Image zoom with annotations/hotspots. View Zoomed image in lightbox

Lightbox JS – Vista Template

Video LightBox – Vista Template – A lot of gorgeous gallery themes!


jQuery plugin for image zoom support.