Selectify is a UI overlay for select elements which does not screw up your events.

AfterResize event

With jQuery afterresize event plugin, an event is triggered when resizing the window has ended.


Adds a “keystop” event which triggers once the user has stopped typing in an input for a specified period of time.

jQuery Scrollfire

Allows useful callbacks to be fired upon elements scrolling into and out of view from both the top and bottom of the viewport/window. Additionally, provides a mechanism to animate parallax elements.


Bind to the `multiclick` event, a custom DOM-like event generated using jQuery’s Special Events API. The `multiclick` event triggers when the user clicks within the bound element a configurable number of times.


jQuery special event for generating tap events on touch interfaces. The point is to do away with simulated mouse events on touch devices, so that a site’s touch interaction model can be treated differently from it’s mouse interaction model.

jQuery Expire

Checks to see whether a page has expired and, if so, performs an action.

jQuery Eventually

A more powerful event system, with automatic creation of before and after event states.


A jQuery plugin that add keydown combo event.


Support using mouse wheel event with jQuery instead of using the out of date traditional way