Cross Hairs

jQuery plugin to create a crosshair effect on an HTML table.

Dynamic Widget

Dynamic Widget is a plugin for JQuery UI that automates lazy loading JS and CSS for your JQuery UI widgets without the need to worry about includes.

EliteBox Menu

If do you need fresh menu for your project – see the EliteBox Drop-Down Menu jQuery plugin, maybe that is it. The EliteBox have to offer you high spectrum of possibilities.

jQuery SaveYour Data

jQuery plugin to help save data, automatically.

jQuery Browsers

A Browsers detector.

Show More

A jQuery plugin that shows and hides content with a click event.

Lightbox gallery module – Chrome Template

Lightbox module for gallery. Chrome Style DEMO. Lightbox gallery possess an ability to clearly display the desirable images on the websites.

jQuery Bend Gauge

Pretty simple circular value indicator created using RaphaelJS. Fairly customizable.


jFluent is a light-weight validation framework for client-side validation. It is a jQuery plugin which can be used in ASP .NET MVC and standard (or mobile) HTML websites.