jQuery Sticky

A jQuery plugin to easily add functionality to fix elements to the top of the page on scroll.

3D graphics for jQuery

jQuery plugin for creating 3D interactive graphics in X3DOM framework

CSS Event Queue

CSS Event Queue – Synchronous / Asynchronous Javascript event queue for CSS Classes. Add and remove arrays of classes, with timing support, object targeting, and 4 common event options.

jQuery Simple Slider

A simple, lightweight and responsive jQuery slider plugin with many options

Picture lightbox gallery – Vista Aero Template

Picture jQuery gallery with lightbox effect. Vista Aero DEMO. VisualLightBox allows to create fantastic photo albums for your website or blog.

jQuery Maintain Scroll

Maintain & Keep scroll position after post-back & postback & refresh. Just include plugin (no need for cookies) before body tag

jQuery cursor

jQuery plugin to manipulating cursor inside text and textarea fields

Gridify – A Beautiful Evenly Spaced Image Grid Creator

This simple widget solves the need to create simple columned layouts of images with variable dimensions. Simple call it on a container element and pass in an array of image sources and watch Gridify do the rest! It will create as many evenly space columns as you desire and fill them evenly with images. It … Continue reading

jQuery Breakpoint

Allows useful callbacks to be fired at set “breakpoints” or window sizes reached upon resizing the viewport so as to create responsive web applications.